If you haven’t heard of Ant Carver as yet, get googling. In fact, go out and buy one of his paintings right now while they’re still affordable! He is my one to watch and prediction to become very successful in the future.

It’s not often an artist’s work is as at-home in the street as it is in a corporate setting, but Ant Carver’s paintings seem to possess the quality to be appreciated by all.  I think it’s a combination of his pure draughtsman skills and a touch of edginess, plus the works appear unique and very recognisable as his own cultivated style.

Carver’s monochrome portraits, painted in intricate detail, are interspersed with bold, energetic colour applied in a mixture of styles (think graffiti mixed with action painting). The subject matter is usually beautiful women in an informal context, some famous, some his friends.

He tells me he prefers painting women although for some reason his portraits of men seem to fly off the shelves faster than he can paint them. In my last exhibition of his work we had to swap out paintings at 4 different intervals because people couldn’t (or wouldn’t) wait for them until the end of the show. A bit irritating for the curator but great for the artist!

Carver’s work is selling so fast he’s started creating limited edition prints with a specific release date and time via Instagram:


My advice to you, as above, is buy them and buy now.